China is an amazing country, full of secrets and mysteries. Vast territories of China spread over Asia in its central and eastern parts. Today, this country holds the richest historical heritage of the past and has promising prospects for the future.

Understandably, this magical country has lots to offer to tourists. Incredibly beautiful Chinese brides attract plenty of foreign men who are looking for brides. But to know what to expect from local women, it’s essential to learn as much as possible about them. So, let’s dive into it. 

What Do Gorgeous Chinese Brides Look Like and What Is Their Personality?

The inhabitants of China have their own idea of ​​beauty. It is defined, firstly, by long-standing traditions and, secondly, by modern idols, especially the idols of youth: singers, actors, models. In their understanding, only a woman with a certain height, figure, and even face shape can be considered attractive. So, what are local Chinese mail order brides like?

Porcelain Skin

While Europeans and Americans are trying by any means to give their skin a caramel shade, Chinese women for marriage are achieving the exact opposite effect. Snow-white skin in China is a symbol of aristocracy and an ideal of beauty, and this ideal is quite achievable. To get the desired result, local Chinese girls for marriage use sun umbrellas, wide-brimmed hats, suitable clothing, whitening masks and beauty treatments.

At the same time, the attitude towards extra hair on the body is not so reverent: the Chinese bride will be forgiven for the presence of some hair, even under the armpits.

Oval Face Shape

Local Chinese brides consider an oval-shaped face with a smooth chin line as the standard. But for Asian peoples, a round face shape is a much more characteristic. Well, the inhabitants of the country in every possible way strive to get closer to the cherished oval. Cosmetology and plastic surgery help with it. But Chinese mail-order brides never go too far trying to achieve maximal beauty. They always look natural. 

Big Eyes

European women are amused by the habit of Chinese mail order wives to round their eyes in photographs. But the Chinese women just want their eyes to look larger, so they are trying to achieve this goal. The fact is that big eyes are also considered one of the signs of beauty here. Open eyes, correct makeup help to enlarge them. The last resort is plastic surgery.


Chinese brides for marriage are naturally miniature, but they really want to look taller. The ideal of beauty in the country is considered to be a height of 165 cm. Moreover, the Chinese brides do not consider this a whim. It turns out that it is not so easy for owners of small stature to get into not only the modeling business but also a number of other positions. The principle of “the higher the growth, the higher the position” is still valid in China.


When it comes to body shape, everything is exactly the opposite: the less, the better. A very thin, “flat” Chinese bride for sale with unremarkable forms, a kind of eternal teenager, is considered a real beauty in China. 


Character Traits

As you have already understood, an average Chinese mail order bride looks stunning, attracting foreigners with an amazing appearance. But what about the character? Let’s figure it out.

They Are Family-Oriented

If you want to find a wife in China, you should know how family-oriented local brides are. From early childhood, they are taught that family is the most important thing in each person’s life. Parents show how to behave in a family and take care of each other. So, Chinese women looking for marriage make perfect mothers. They take care of children and husbands and really like doing it. 

Speaking about the husband, he always receives lots of attention.

Romantic Chinese brides like to surprise their partners with small pleasant gifts, romantic evenings, and so on. These brides are filled with energy that goes in the right direction. So, an Chinese mail order wife will always meet you at a clean house, full of delicious smells and love. 

They Know How to Earn

Foreign brides in China understand that the family needs money. Local sweeties will never spend all the time at home, waiting for their husbands to bring some money, which is great. These women know how to earn money and like doing it. Nevertheless, they stay extremely feminine and need male support. A man is the head of the family, and ladies like it.

They Are Stylish

Chinese women for sale know how to dress up perfectly for any occasion. On the very first date, you will notice how stylish the woman is. Local women dress up fashionably and sexy, but they are never vulgar. Trends are born in China, and this can be noticed by a glance at local brides. 

Even going for an ordinary dinner, a Chinese wife dresses up perfectly, carefully choosing even the smallest details of her outfit. Moreover, the nice appearance of these girls makes it easy for them to avoid makeup or apply just a little to highlight facial features. 

They Like Sports

Children in China are taught to play sports. Each day in educational institutions begins with exercise. In courtyards and parks, people dance, practice martial arts, and go jogging, which makes them healthier.

They Love to Travel

Domestic tourism is very developed inside the country. If you do not have the opportunity to go abroad, then the woman of the heart will go with you to the neighboring province with great pleasure. At the same time, absolutely everything can be included in the program – from visiting local markets to science museums. If a foreigner can afford to travel abroad with his woman, such an idea will always be met extremely positively.

What Makes Chinese Brides Different From Brides From Other Countries?

The main difference is the ability to combine everything. Those eager to get Chinese mail order brides underline that local women can combine family and successful careers easily. Besides, they let a man be the head of the family, which men like a lot.

You may ask why these gorgeous brides are looking for husbands on the Internet. The most obvious reason is that there are many more men than women in China. It’s easy to find Chinese wives online, as they use Chinese marriage websites to find foreigners. 

What Needs to Be Done for the Chinese Brides to Choose You?

As you know, in China there are much fewer girls than men. Perhaps that’s why they are the most popular brides in the world. Some say that it may be difficult to find a Chinese bride, but we’ll help you. If you behave as we recommend, it will be easy for you.


  • Lose weight: it’s a very important point. Remember, if you are at least 5 kg overweight, it becomes much more difficult to find a girl. A straightforward Chinese woman will say directly that you are fat. Remember, this is a very important point.
  • Then, get dressed. Of course, you do not need to wear a tailcoat, but high-quality and preferably branded clothing is very important. Wearing shorts and flip-flops, or dressed according to the scheme “I don’t care, it’s so convenient” it is difficult to start a relationship with a girl. Don’t forget about accessories – watches, bracelets, and so on. Chinese women pay attention to such trifles.
  • Be able to earn money. If you don’t have a penny, it will be very difficult to find a girl specifically for a serious relationship. So, find a good job, start a business, etc. A Chinese woman should see in you a good foundation for the future. Money in China is an extremely important component of true, sincere love.


There are several options for acquaintance.

  • Online. This option is the simplest one. For Chinese, an excellent smartphone application called MarryU can help with it. The application is paid. Chinese women use this tool with one goal – to find a husband.
  • This is certainly not the only option – try the Chinese counterpart of Tinder called TanTan as well. 
  • On the street. Everything is simple here. You see the girl, approach her, and get acquainted.
  • Through friends. This is the best way. Ask your acquaintances/friends to introduce you to a good girl. When meeting, immediately ask if she has a boyfriend. She will answer honestly.

Online Communication

If you are an inexperienced Chinese wife finder, you should know this is the most important stage in the relationship. You don’t have to invite the woman to the movies right away. Be sure to start by texting. Talk about simple things, what she ate, how she feels, try to joke. This stage can take a long time, no need to be intimidated by this, just write a message every other day. If she constantly replies that she is busy, has no time, just look for another woman you like.

It is also important to pay compliments. Say how beautiful and how smart she is. At this stage, she becomes your “friend”. She will say it openly. This in no way means a friend zone. Just a friend is the first stage of a relationship. If the conversation is going on, and she is interested in conversations with you, you can proceed to the next stage – dating.


There is no need to present a woman with a car on the first date. Pay her compliments, bring some flowers, show how much you are interested in her. It’s better to avoid too expensive gifts at first.


How to Attract a Chinese Woman?

The easiest option to attract a woman is to use specialized services, where you can feel completely free. With the help of modern Chinese dating sites and matrimonial services, it’s easy to attract a woman with your sense of humor, etc. Services of these types are a chance to almost buy a Chinese wife, as they are paid. 

How Much Do Chinese Brides Cost?

If you want to buy a bride in China, you should know it’s impossible. One cannot order a Chinese bride, as women are not goods to be sold. If you want to marry a Chinese bride, you will have to invest your time and effort. 

How Loyal Are Chinese Brides?

Those interested in dating Chinese women are convinced they are very loyal. That’s true. If you manage to find a legitimate Chinese mail order bride, you will become the happiest man in the world. Local brides are caring, passionate, beautiful, and very loyal.